The term “Marketing” is a broad term with as many definitions as there are marketing firms out there. At Daley Concepts we define Marketing as the strategy, methods or tools we use to differentiate and sell your services or products above all other competitors in the marketplace. This can range from a print advertisement in the local paper to the overall look, feeling and emotion evoked by your logo and tagline.


Below is a list of the Marketing services we offer:

Our staff is as comfortable in the recording studio collaborating on radio spots as we are behind the computer designing effective print and online ads. We’ll target the most advantageous and relevant market, custom-fit to your needs. With a wealth of knowledge, familiarity and more than a two decades of experience in the Indianapolis media market, we’ll find the most cost-effective, applicable media so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your ad spend.

We design advertisements for:

• Print

• Radio

• Television

• Online



Your company’s branding is the face and image it presents to the world so you shouldn’t trust it to just anyone. Daley Concepts can design and implement a complete branding package from start to finish or just ala carte pieces to complement and enhance your brand. This includes but is not limited to: business cards, stationery, logos, websites, social media profiles and more.
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Public Relations

We’ll write, target and send press releases on your behalf that strive to garner media attention, boost brand awareness, and attract prospective clients.


E-mail marketing

We create custom designs for targeted blasting to a list of key contacts.

This includes: e-newsletters, special promotions and a wide range of content compatible with your audience.


Website Management & Maintenance

With more than half of consumers (59% - via Search Engine Watch) searching for reputable, local businesses on Google every month, your company’s online presence is an essential part of your overall branding strategy that shouldn’t be ignored. Research

continually shows that regular website updates can help improve sales and online visibility through higher SEO rankings.

At Daley Concepts, we’re small business owners too so we understand the day-to-day struggles and complexities of running a business. Let us check one more item off of your ever-expanding to-do list! We have the experience to strategically and efficiently handle your website from conceptualization and design to management and maintenance solutions that both suite your needs and perfectly blend with your current branding.

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